Seeking a medium for her creativity, Toronto-born artist Anne Sportun began making jewellery as a teenager. She deferred her archeological studies to enroll in a jewellery arts programme where she acquired her formal goldsmithing skills. Anne founded her brand with the opening of her first atelier in the late 1980’s. This was the beginning of a prolific career which continues to evolve.

Iconic fine jewellery

The Anne Sportun brand is one of Canada’s leading and most iconic fine jewellery brands.

Her collections can be found at her flagship store in Toronto’s fashionable Queen Street West neighbourhood, and in highly regarded fine jewellery boutiques across North America and the UK.

Awarded for Excellence

Awarded for her excellence in craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Anne’s artistic vision, and penchant for only the finest materials and traditional techniques are showcased in her designs: sumptuous gemstones, high quality diamonds and hand applied textures. She oversees every detail, from sketch and prototype to the final finished piece. Her time is spent at the brand’s downtown Toronto studio, consulting with clients at her fashionable Queen Street West boutique or in the tranquility of her wooded lakeside cottage.


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