Leah Alexandra Jewelry was born from a lifelong obsession with gemstones. Having been trained in design and metalsmithing, Leah wielded her artistry and craftsmanship talents to found her own jewelry company in 2005. Upon trading in her savings for supplies, what began from the kitchen table of her Vancouver apartment soon blossomed into a brand with a following across the globe.

Inspired by travel and the inherent beauty of the raw materials, for Leah it’s always been about the gemstones as each one holds their own personalities, energies, and properties. Moonstone, opal, rose quartz, pearl, turquoise, ruby, aquamarine and emerald are just some of the elements adorning her designs. The natural beauty of these gems, Leah reflects, “serve as a daily reminder of how fascinating and precious our planet is. No two are alike and each one possesses something special.” Gems are sourced from around the world, and each and every one is carefully selected to ensure the best composition of colour, cut and clarity. Whether considering the rainbow flash of a moonstone or the peacock glimmer on a piece of labradorite, the thought and process behind each gem is what makes each piece truly one of a kind. To highlight their individuality gems are set and paired with 14 karat goldfill, 14 karat gold, and sterling silver. The pieces are designed to be lived in, layered, stacked and to evolve with you.

Tucked away on a side street in one of Vancouver’s oldest buildings, you’ll find the vine-covered courtyard that leads to the Leah Alexandra studio and showroom. Touches of exposed brick, large light-streaming windows, and a cozy fireplace are just a few of the studio details that encapsulate their homage to enduring design. If you were to drop by their open workspace at any given time you would overhear a medley of collaborative brainstorming, clicks of the camera, and the light taps of gold being hammered. Visitors often mention that glimpsing into their gem drawers is a highlight, with one for every colour of the rainbow. Beaming with pride for her team, Leah states “our business is fueled by eight vivacious women who each play an integral part in what the brand has become today.”

Jewelry creates meaningful connections to memories and loved ones. Leah explains, “that’s why each piece in our collection is passionately designed to become a storytelling heirloom.” It is with this in mind and a desire to create versatile, timeless, wearable treasures that Leah Alexandra continues to grow every day. “I never take for granted that my pursuit is to find ways to accentuate the natural elegance of what are arguably the most beautiful materials found on earth.”

Leah’s designs have been featured in internationally recognized publication such as Vogue and Elle, as well as worn by countless celebrities like Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, and gold medal Olympian Tessa Virtue.


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